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SQL server express 2012 installation

SQL server express 2012 installation and use it in C# to test databinding and datagridview etc.

    installation process needs following steps:

    You can: Download SQL Server 2014 Express. Click the big red button that says "Download SQL Server 2012 Express" and choose the version you want. I am not certain what the differences are (after all I am only learning this myself), but I chose "Sql Server Express with Advanced Services" because it looked like it has everything one might need. So download it, install it and read on when you are done.

    Next thing you need to do is install a sample database for you to work with. It is probably best if you install the same database I am using, which is the AdventureWorks2012 sample database.

    Getting this was actually harder than installing SQL Server 2012. You can get it on the SQL Server Sample Database CodePlex website. At the time of this writing you can choose 14(!) downloads. What the...!? So I picked a few and got successful with the AdventureWorks2012-Full Database (near the bottom of list of downloads).

    after download the zip file and unzip the .bak file inside. Luckily here are the steps to get this into SQL Server. Place the .bak file in your SQL Server backup folder. If you have not changed anything during installation it should be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SQL2012EXPRESS\MSSQL\Backup. Now go to your SQL Server 2012 instance, open up the Object Explorer (if it is not opened already) and right click on the Database folder. In the context menu go to Restore Database.

    Click on "Device" and then click on the button behind it. You should now see the Select backup devices window. Click "Add" and browse to the .bak file you just unzipped (if you don't see it immediately). Select the .bak file and click "OK". Make sure you have no other files selected in the Select backup devices window. Click "OK" and you should be back in the Restore database window. You can review your options and click "OK" again. The AdventureWorks database should now be restored and ready for use.

    here are my statement: from Restore database page: select device option, then click Add button. From pop-up window, browse to backup folder and select .bak file.

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