Sunday, December 20, 2015

context menu topics

context menu topics

  1. Adding Context Menus to Windows Forms
  2. Walkthrough: Creating Dynamic Context Menus on Windows Forms
  3. Associating a Context Menu with a Windows Forms NotifyIcon Component
  4. ContextMenu Class
  5. Context Menus on Windows Forms
  6. How to Create Context Menu in Windows Forms Application Using C#
  7. Adding a right click menu to an item
  8. ContextMenuStrip enhances
  9. .NET Framework: adding a separator to a context menu
  10. [Answered] Adding a custom context menu item to Windows Form title bar?
  11. MenuItem.Click Event
  12. MenuItem Class
  13. MenuItem Class
  14. ContextMenu Class
  15. MenuItem.CloneMenu Method
  16. MenuItem.CloneMenu Method (MenuItem)
  17. MenuItem.CloneMenu Method (MenuItem)
  18. MenuItem.CloneMenu Method ()
  19. MenuItem.CloneMenu Method ()

VB convert to C# Tools

VB convert to C# Tools

  1. Aba Search and Replace
  2. Calculating standard deviation in one pass
  3. Introduction: Writing a simple expression evaluator
  4. Adding variables to expression evaluator
  5. A powerful chart control
  6. Scientific charting control
  7. An MFC Chart Control with Enhanced User Interface
  8. High-speed Charting Control
  9. Database Helper v 2.0.0

  10. Refactoring - elixir of youth for legacy VB code
  11. VB6 C# VB Code Converter
  12. .NET Code Conversion - Convert your code
  13. GBVB - Converting VB.NET code to C#
  14. C# Equivalent of VB's IsNumeric()
  15. Convertion of Xdock VB to CS by C-Sharpener For VB.
  16. Not Another C# Versus VB Article
  17. Convert VB6 forms to C#
  18. C# equivalent of VB's With keyword
  19. C# equivalent of VB's With keyword
  20. C# equivalent of VB's With keyword
  21. C# equivalent of VB's With keyword
  22. Code Convert Visual Studio Add-in for C# and VB.NET
  23. Jazz Up Your C# Code
  24. Converting Sudoku Solver from Excel to C#
  25. A Utility to Convert VS.NET 2003 Project Files
  26. Bindable Converter, Converter Parameter and StringFormat
  27. On Migrating a VB Project to VB.NET
  28. Image Batch Converter
  29. A Vector Type for C#

Saturday, December 19, 2015

file related problem in C# FileStream access

in one of my program in C#, I got this error message:
System.ArgumentException occurred HResult=-2147024809 Message=FileStream will not open Win32 devices such as disk partitions and tape drives. Avoid use of "\\.\" in the path. Source=mscorlib StackTrace: at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost) InnerException:
I did research and find some clues from internet. listed them here for future reference. the reason is that following message:
Do not use the following reserved names for the name of a file:
CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9. Also avoid these names followed immediately by an extension; for example, NUL.txt is not recommended. For more information, see Namespaces.

  1. workaround for FileStream bug?
  2. Exception: Filestream will not open win32 devices.... don't use \ "\\\.\\\" in the path
  3. Writing a File that has the Name of a Device
  4. Gaining access to the File Allocation Table in C# or any other direct drive access
  5. Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces

Assembly Topics: including IBM 360/370 Assembler and MCS-51 toolkit

added more assembly tools and related articles including IBM 360/370 Assembler and MCS-51 toolkit

  1. Intro to Debugging X86-64 Assembly
  2. Let's Write Some X86-64
  3. Interpreter, Compiler, JIT
  4. Additional C/C++ Tooling
  5. IBM 360 assembler languages

  6. IBM 360 assembler language
  8. IBM System/360 - Assembler Language Coding - Sample Programs
  9. IBM Basic assembly language and successors
  10. BAL: IBM 360 Assembly Language
  11. Lazarus --The professional Free Pascal RAD IDE
  12. IBM 360/370 emulator on 80x86 ??
  13. JASON v1.00
  14. The Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator
  15. IBM Mainframe Operating Systems: Timeline and Brief Explanation

  16. good x86 emulators

  17. Free IDE + assembler + software emulator for x86 (MASM) assembly?
  18. flat assembler
  19. EMU8086 Original Microprocessor Emulator

lamda expression introduction

lamda expression introduction

  1. Basics of LINQ & Lamda Expressions
  2. using of lambda expression and removing foreach/for loop
  3. Lambda Expressions and Expression Trees: An Introduction
  4. A Journey into Expressions
  5. Understand Lambda Expressions in 3 Minutes
  6. Understand Lambda Expressions in 3 Minutes (Continuation)
  7. Lambda Expressions
  8. Expression API Cookbook
  9. Way to Lambda
  10. Exploring Lambda Expression in C#
  11. Everything That You Need to Understand about Lambda Expressions
  12. Validation Library using C# 3.0 Lambda Expressions
  13. Understanding Expression Trees
  14. Expression Tree
  15. Flexpressions

regular expression tools and theory

regular expression tools and theory

  1. Welcome to Ultrapico
  2. The 30 Minute Regex Tutorial
  3. Expression Plotter Control
  4. Expression Tree Basics
  5. An Introduction to Regular Expressions
  6. Introducing Regular Expressions
  7. RegEx Tester - Regular Expression Tester
  8. Regular Expression Tester
  9. Regular Expression Library Builder
  10. Mastering Regular Expressions, 2nd Edition

group panel topics related

group panel topics related

  1. Just another C# Collapsing Group Control
  2. Group Panel
  3. Collapsible Group Box

    a good introduction for testing purpose..

  4. Collapsible Splitter control in C#
  5. Collapsible Split Container

floating-point topics

floating-point topics

  1. Demystify C# floating-point equality and relation operations
  2. Static Keyword Demystified
  3. Multithreading Demystified
  4. Shortcut for Rounding Floating-point Values
  5. A Generalized Rounding Method for Floating-Point Numbers
  6. A floating-point Margin structure, now with TypeConverter
  7. Introduction to the TypeConverter
  8. Description Enum TypeConverter
  9. Universal Type Converter

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nas Hard Drives Vs Traditional internal Desktop Drives

Nas Hard Drives Vs Traditional internal Desktop Drives

search:regular internal hard drive vs nas hard drive

  1. Using a NAS drive as a normal HDD?
  2. Nas Hard Drives Vs Traditional internal Desktop Drives
  3. Choosing a hard drive for a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device

useful file system related topics

useful file related topics

  1. Target Eye Revealed part 6 - File Hiding
  2. Service Hiding
  3. Driver to Hide Processes and Files
  4. Driver to Hide Processes and Files. Second Edition: Splicing
  5. Hiding Implementation Details in C++
  6. A curtain hiding screen updates, and blending old and new content with a nice fade effect
  7. C# File Browser
  8. Symbols File Locator
  9. Find Hidden Files from Computer
  10. Make a Super Hidden Folder in Windows Without any Extra Software
  11. How to Hide Files and Folders on Every Operating System
  12. How to Manage Super-Hidden Windows System Files

  13. Read/Write XML files, Config files, INI files, or the Registry
  14. Read/Write App.Config File with .NET 2.0
  15. BlakeSharp - A C# Implementation of the BLAKE Hash Algorithm

    this can be used as key generator...

  16. File Encryption and Decryption in C#
  17. File Encryption/Decryption with Hash Verification in C#
  18. Public Key RSA Encryption in C# .NET
  19. RSA Private Key Encryption
  20. RSA Library with Private Key Encryption in C#
  21. ng RSA and AES for File Encryption
  22. .NET Encryption Simplified
  23. A .NET Encryption Library
  24. Swanky Encryption/Decryption in C#

Thursday, November 26, 2015

rasperry PI

rasperry PI

  1. Single Board Computers

    this is #1 site.

  2. Raspberry Pi
  3. Raspberry Pi
  4. Raspberry Pi / Pi Zero
  5. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Starter Pack - Includes a Raspberry Pi 2
  6. Raspberry Pi Zero: the $5 computer
  7. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit for Pi 2 Or Model B+
  8. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit for Pi 2 Or Model B+
  9. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit for Pi 2 Or Model B+

    I bought my toolkit from this site. it is very good and keep this link for long time.

  10. BlueBot: 4-in-1 Robotics Kit

    I bought this toolkit for first time learner. will follow up on this item.

  11. Science Kits Instructions for the above 4-in1 Robotics kit
  12. Advanced Bristlebot Kit
  13. this is advanced kit. can be good for next stage.

  14. Bristlebot Kit

    this is a basic level kit.

chinese medicine topics

chinese medicine topics

  1. good Chinese medicine theory website
  2. chinese medicine books
  3. 大小续命汤——千古中风奇方
  4. 七件事男人婚后千万不能对女人做
  5. 健康长寿要靠“三通”
  6. 滔滔而来的博客

datetime and timespan topics

datetime and timespan topics

  1. TimeSpan Structure
  2. TimeSpan
  3. DateTimePicker
  4. DateTime.
  5. System.TimeSpan Structure
  6. Index of /~lok/csharp/refdocs/System/types:: all good documents
  7. Index of /~lok/csharp/refdocs
  8. a very interesting guy here:
  9. guys' notes

parallel computing

parallel computing topics

  1. Miller-Rabin and Primes (in Parallel)
  2. Introducing .NET 4.0 Parallel Programming
  3. Introduction to Parallelism in .NET 4.0
  4. Parallel programming in .NET - Internals
  5. Multi core programming using Task Parallel Library with .NET 4.0
  6. Using an MCU on the Intel® Edison Board with the Ultrasonic Range Sensor
  7. Parallel Computing and Data Parallelism
  8. Parallel Computations in C#
  9. Tiny Framework for Parallel Computing
  10. Parallel Computing Concepts via C# 4.0
  11. Parallel Artificial Neural Networks in .NET Framework
  12. Connect the Intel® Edison Board to IBM IoT Foundation
  13. Begin Parallel Programming With OpenMP
  14. A Beginner's Primer to OpenMP
  15. Concurrent Programming - A Primer
  16. A Comprehensive Look at Concurrency through the OpenMP API
  17. Fast Prime Factoring Algorithm

Friday, November 20, 2015

ExtenderProvider topics

ExtenderProvider topics

  1. Getting to know IExtenderProvider
  2. A Status Bar Text Provider for Menu Items and Form Controls
  3. Walkthrough on how to create a Control Extender in C#
  4. Make an extender provider that validates required TextBoxes in C#
  5. This page provides summaries and links to articles I have written that are available on the Web
  6. User Controls
  7. Extend the Textbox Control to Validate Against Regular Expressions
  8. Extender provider to simplify file/folder selection
  9. A Simplified SQL-CSV Import/Export Functionality

Design-Time Errors in the Windows Forms Designer

when you load a old Visual Studio .NET project, you may see this error message frequently. we can look at the error line statement number to see the details.

Many errors include an exact location in the following format: [Project Name] [Form Name] Line:[Line Number] Column:[Column Number].

  1. Design-Time Errors in the Windows Forms Designer

windows help file tools

windows help file tools

  1. HelpMaker Help Authoring Tool
  2. Is there a free software for creating windows help files for your program?
  3. From DocBook to integrated help systems: Resources
  4. DocBook project
  5. How to Make a Help File

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

assembly language

good article on assembly and FORTRAN..

  1. Fortran, assembly programmers ... NASA needs you – for Voyager

my favorite layout on Windows Form

my favorite layout on Windows Form. First note is MainMenu.

  1. usually we can add a MenuStrip to our form. it is enough to dock the MenuStrip to the top of our window, above any other docked ToolStrip objects.
  2. however, the MenuStrip can be placed in a ToolStripContainer so that you can place a ToolStrip and a MenuStrip side by side, and you can drag a MenuStrip from one place to another (as you can in Microsoft Office).
  3. However, by default the MainMenu.GripStyle property is set to Hidden and the MenuStrip is fixed in place. The Stretch property is set to true so the menu expands to the full width of window,
  4. By default, when you add a MenuStrip to your form, Visual Studio sets the Form.MainMenuStrip property to point to your menu. By taking this step, this MenuStrip is assigned to be the main menu of the form, which means it responds to Alt key. However it is valid(although unusual) for a form to have more than one MenuStrip. in this case, although all menus are displayed, on the Form.MainMenuStrip can handle the Alt key.
  5. ToolStrip Customizer for .NET WinForms
  6. Windows 7 ToolStrip Renderer
  7. Office Ribbon Project (under active development)
  8. ToolStripContainer

Sunday, November 1, 2015

splitcontainer & toolstripcontainer topics

split container & toolstripcontainer topics

  1. Hide or Disable Tab Pages in TabControl .NET
  2. Show and Hide tab pages in Windows Forms
  3. Disable and hide a TabPage
  4. How to hide TabPage from TabControl
  5. How to hide tabs in the tab control?
  6. TabPage.Visible Property
  7. TabStrips: A TabControl in the Visual Studio 2005 way!
  8. TabStrip Control
  9. A Visual Studio 2005-like Interface
  10. Painting Your Own Tabs - Second Edition
  11. Custom VisualStudio 2008-style MenuStrip and ToolStrip Renderer in C#


good articles on FIX

    a good article to read first to get first hands feeling. the top three articles can be used to implement transaction logic in my future application.

  1. How to Place Order via FIX Message?
  2. Fix Message Implementation using QuickFix
  3. Retrieve MarketPrice from FixServer using QuickFix
  4. QuickFIX/n website and demo application
  5. Fix Protocol C# Fix Engine Source Code
  6. openfixfast
  7. Banzai QuickFix client in dotnet
  8. The FIX client and server implementation using QuickFix
  9. WPF FIX Automated Trading Client:: note:: good read for actual operations
  10. Parallelised Monte Carlo Algorithms #1

  11. Mock FIX Trading Server
  12. Explore thousands of markets with IG
  13. An Introduction To CFDs
  14. WPF FIX Automated Trading Client
  15. WPF Automated Trading Application
  16. WPF / MVVM Real-Time Trading Application
  17. globo2serve inc
  18. Fix Protocol C# Fix Engine Source Code
  19. The FIX client and server implementation using QuickFix
  20. Fix Message Implementation using QuickFix
  21. NetMQ+ RX (Streaming Data Demo App 2 of 2)
  22. SignalR + RX (Streaming Data Demo App 1 of 2)
  23. A SQLite Server/Client Implementation
  24. Fun with Rx
  25. Get Started Developing with the Reactive Extensions
  26. The Reactive Extensions (Rx)...

Friday, October 23, 2015

design patterns

design pattern topics and good articles are listed here.

  1. Reasons for using design patterns
  2. Facade Design Pattern in C# Example
  3. Understanding and Implementing Template Method Design Pattern in C#
  4. Understanding the Decorator Pattern
  5. The Option Pattern
  6. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part I: Creational
  7. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part II: Structural I
  8. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part III: Structural II
  9. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part VI: Behavioral III
  10. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part IV: Behavioral I
  11. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part V: Behavioral II
  12. The State Design Pattern vs. State Machine
  13. Exploring Factory Pattern
  14. Design Patterns 1 of 3 - Creational Design Patterns
  15. Design Patterns 2 of 3 - Structural Design Patterns
  16. Design Patterns 3 of 3 - Behavioral Design Patterns
  17. Design Patterns: Strategy
  18. NULL Design Pattern in C#
  19. Design Patterns Part 1 - The Strategy Pattern
  20. Design Patterns Part 2 - The Factory Pattern
  21. Facade Design Pattern (C#)
  22. The Observer Design Pattern
  23. Visitor Design Pattern
  24. Adapter Design Pattern
  25. Prototype Design Pattern
  26. Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern
  27. Builder Design Pattern
  28. Bridge Design Pattern
  29. Decorator Design Pattern
  30. Strategy Design Pattern (Case Study)
  31. Observer Design Pattern (Delegates/Events)
  32. Design Patterns: Command Pattern
  33. Design Pattern Examples in C#
  34. Abstract Factory Design Pattern in C#
  35. Design pattern – Inversion of control and Dependency injection

Monday, October 19, 2015

TreeView manipulation

TreeView manipulation

    some basics for drag and drop event args types:

  1. DragDropEffects Enumeration
  2. DragEventArgs Class
  3. DragData Demo
  4. DragEventArgs Class
  5. Simple drag and drop example
  6. Remove Empty Directories (aka RED)

  7. Working with TreeView Controls
  8. DataBound TreeView
  9. Advanced TreeView for .NET
  10. TreeView Rearrange
  11. How to fill hierarchical data into a TreeView using base classes and data providers.
  12. Fast TreeView
  13. How to handle custom node state images in a TreeView (e.g. tristate checkboxes)
  14. DataBound TreeView Control
  15. Generic TreeView
  16. Simple Tri-State TreeView
  17. C# TreeView Traversing
  18. Populating TreeView on a Background Thread
  19. Three State Treeview - Part 2
  20. Tuning Up The TreeView - Part 1
  21. Tuning Up The TreeView - Part 2
  22. How to display a context menu that is specific to a selected TreeView node by using Visual C# .NET or Visual C# 2005
  23. TreeNode Right Click Option
  24. Introduction to TreeView Drag and Drop (VB.NET)

csv to data table to csv

csv to data table to csv again...

  1. Creating CSV File from List
  2. CSV to Table to CSV
  3. Auto-detect CSV Separator
  4. CSV Filter
  5. Reading and Writing CSV Files in C#
  6. A Fast CSV Reader
  7. Insert into database from CSV file
  8. FileHelpers v3.1 - Delimited (CSV) or Fixed Data Import/Export Framework
  9. C# CSV File and String Reader Classes
  10. CSV Format Encoder and Decoder
  11. Reading and Writing CSV Files in C#
  12. CSV Parser in C#
  13. Friday, October 16, 2015

    file and directory related topics /traverse directory logic

    good links on file and directory manipulation

      file reading and writing methods are collected below:

    1. How to: Get Information About Files, Folders, and Drives (C# Programming Guide)
    2. How to: Create a File or Folder (C# Programming Guide)
    3. How to: Copy, Delete, and Move Files and Folders (C# Programming Guide)
    4. How to: Provide a Progress Dialog Box for File Operations (C# Programming Guide)
    5. How to: Write to a Text File (C# Programming Guide)
    6. How to: Read From a Text File (C# Programming Guide)
    7. How to: Read a Text File One Line at a Time (Visual C#)

    8. the following are directory manipulation and traverse logic.

    9. How to: Iterate Through a Directory Tree (C# Programming Guide)

      beside it, lot of good articles too. I selected the stack based traverse in eReader application. need to customize some parameters to my application.

    10. Best way to iterate folders and subfolders
    11. Recursively walking through a directory tree and listing file names
    12. How to loop through all the files in a directory in c # .net?
    13. C# – Loop all files in directory and it’s sub-directories
    14. Recursive File List. -- this is a simple way
    15. Scan directories using recursion:: worthy further look and may be useful
    16. (C#) Iterate over Files and Directories in Filesystem Directory Tree
    17. Get Sub Directories in C#

    18. Working with Files (Using C# and .NET Framework)
    19. Designing Your Own Format
    20. File Attribute Changer
    21. Fast Binary File Reading with C#
    22. File System Search Engine

    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

    BindingList and BindingSource to DataGridView etc

    good topic on bindingList, bindingSource and datagridview links:

    1. BindingList Class
    2. BindingList Example
    3. BindingList Class on .NET 4.0
    4. List vs BindingList Advantages/DisAdvantages
    5. Databinding - Bindinglist, BindingSource and BusinessObjects - Part 1
    6. DataTable vs. BindingList
    7. Binding to BindingList
    8. BindingSource and BindingList Of T - DataBinding made simple!
    9. How to Bind GridView to BindingList
    10. DataGridView and binding with BindingList and DataSource
    11. BindingList Collection Is Read-Only
    12. Data Binding in .NET / C# Windows Forms
    13. Why BindingList is slow with objects implementing INotifyPropertyChanged interface - See more at:
    14. Databinding - BindingList, BindingSource, and BusinessObjects: Part 2

    15. BindingSource topics are listed below:

    16. How to use BindingSource and BindingNavigator
    17. BindingSource Class
    18. BindingSource and BindingNavigator in C# 2.0
    19. A Detailed Data Binding Tutorial
    20. Presenting Data with the DataGridView Control in .NET 2.0
    21. 101 Ways to Manipulate the DataGridView Control
    22. Differences Between the Windows Forms DataGridView and DataGrid Controls
    23. Data Binding TreeView in C#
    24. DataBound TreeView Control
    25. Data Binding for Windows Forms
    26. BindingSource - A Closer Look...
    27. DataBinding – DataGridView/BindingSource
    28. Tutorial: Binding to DataTable or DataSet

    29. DataGridView topics are listed here:

    30. DataTable topics are listed here:

    Friday, October 9, 2015

    debugger visualizer

    good articles on data debugger visualizers..

    1. Resource ID Organiser Add-In for Visual C++ 5.0/6.0/.NET
    2. Data Debugger Visualizer
    3. Graphics Debugger Visualizer
    4. Authoring Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers
    5. Create a Debugger Visualizer in 10 Lines of Code
    6. A Generic List and Dictionary Debugger Visualizer for VS.NET
    7. Visualizing Fractals
    8. XML Visualizer v.2
    9. XML Explorer
    10. Simple XSLT stylesheet for Visual Studio .NET XML documentation
    11. XML Literals
    12. Advanced Debugging in Visual Studio
    13. Zeta Color Visualizer
    14. 10+ powerful debugging tricks with Visual Studio
    15. Capture object state with visualizers
    16. Visual Studio Shortcuts
    17. 8 great features in Visual Studio 2013
    18. Visual Studio Add Ins - In Depth
    19. Line Counter - Writing a Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 Add-In
    20. Top Ten Free Extensions for Visual Studio 2008
    21. Visual Drawing.Net

    time library

    good articles on time library and system library

    1. Professional System Library: Introduction
    2. Time Period Library for .NET
    3. PersianCalendarPlus - an easy to use tool for working and converting PersianDateTime to Gregorian and back
    4. Convert date from Hijri Calendar to Gregorian Calendar and vise versa
    5. Windows Hijri Calendar
    6. ASP.NET DatePicker User Control (Hijri / Gregorian) shows month and year as dropdowns
    7. Farsi Library - Working with Dates, Calendars, and DatePickers
    8. Persian Calendar(PersianDateTime) in C#
    9. Persian DateTime
    10. Bootstrap Persian DateTimePicker