Sunday, September 27, 2015

build your own ..................

build your own database, OS, etc...

  1. Build Your Own Database
  2. Building an embedded database engine in C#
  3. FlingOS: Teaching OS dev in C#
  4. Assembly Programming with Visual Studio 2010/2012
  5. 32-bit Assembler is Easy
  6. Easy Code Visual assembly IDE
  7. Writing a boot loader in Assembly and C - Part 1
  8. An x86 assembler with register allocation
  9. The Real, Protected, Long mode assembly tutorial for PCs
  10. A Full-Featured Z80/8085 Assembler in C++
  11. Mixing .NET and Assembly Language in a standalone 64-bit exe
  12. Using Assembler and SSE2/SSE3 instructions for drawing optimization
  13. How Understanding Assembly Language Helps Debug .NET Applications
  14. Integrating a compiler/assembler in VS ; Using NASM with Visual Studio 2010
  15. Visual Studio X86 Assembly Debugger (C# Open Source Managed Operating System)
  16. How to Determine if a .NET Assembly was Built for x86 or x64?

C# namespace details

C# namespace overview and thoughts.

  1. Understanding Namespaces in C# 2.0
  2. Using Namespaces (C# Programming Guide)
  3. Namespaces (C# Programming Guide)
  4. namespace (C# Reference)
  5. Namespaces
  6. Use of Namespaces in C# [duplicate]
  7. C# namespace alias - what's the point?
  8. C# Programming/Namespaces
  9. Namespace tutorial
  10. Understanding C#: Namespaces and assemblies (a quick .NET tutorial)
  11. Do not name a class the same as its namespace, Part One
  12. Do not name a class the same as its namespace, Part Two
  13. Back to Basics - Do namespace using directives affect Assembly Loading?
  14. Namespace visibility in C#
  15. The type or namespace name 'some-name' does not exist in the namespace 'some-namespace' (C#)
  16. The type or namespace name '' could not be found (C#)
  17. Understanding Namespaces in C# With Examples
  18. VB.NET Root Namespace vs. C# Default Namespace
  19. What is NameSpace in .Net
  20. C# Namespace Alias Qualifier
  21. C# Using Statement Inside or Outside the Class Namespace
  22. Do unused Namespaces in c# affect run-time performance?
  23. Controlling Component Visibility Beyond Private and Internal
  24. Using Directives and Namespace in C#
  25. C# variable and namespace conflicts
  26. Using NameSpace members In another namespace
  27. How to use alias for using-directives and namespaces in C#

Friday, September 25, 2015

windows service

windows service topic

  1. A general-purpose service engine for unattended processing execution
  2. Evaluation Engine
  3. Simple Windows Service Sample
  4. a windows service application
  5. Automating Windows Applications
  6. General Windows Service: Debugged as Console Application and Managed with System Tray
  7. How to Debug or Test your Windows Service Without Installing it...
  8. How to Control a Windows Service from Code
  9. WCF Service Library with Windows Service Hosting
  10. Windows Services in Action I
  11. Windows Services in Action II
  12. Creating a Basic Windows Service in C#
  13. Creating a simple Windows Service
  14. Windows Services Can Install Themselves
  15. Windows 7 Trigger Start Service
  16. WCF Hosting with Windows Service
  17. Windows Service Management
  18. OData Services
  19. Creating Scehduler Service using Windows Services
  20. Debugging Windows Services under Visual Studio .NET
  21. Advanced Debugging in Visual Studio
  22. Debugging Windows Service Without Deploying It
  23. Manageable Services
  24. Adding a description to a .NET Windows Service
  25. Windows Service Test Form
  26. C# Scheduler
  27. Interact With Desktop when Installing Windows Service
  28. Writing Windows Service (C# .NET)
  29. Topshelf’s documentation
  30. Monitoring desktop windows from a Windows service
  31. Base Library for Multi-threaded Windows Services
  32. Exposing Windows Service
  33. How to debug a Windows Service and not die in the effort
  34. Send Auto Notification Using Windows Service
  35. Window Service Deployment using VS 2010
  36. Service DashBored
  37. Interaction between services and applications at user level in Windows Vista
  38. Windows Services in C# with Timers - Jump start
  39. Securing WCF Services with Certificates
  40. Real Time Folder Synchronization Window Service
  41. Windows x64 system service hooks and advanced debugging
  42. Debugging a Start of a Windows Service

good windows service framework

  1. Windows service auto-update plugin framework
  2. The Razor Framework :: Part 1 :: Plugins/Extensibility
  3. The Razor Framework :: Part 2 :: Configuration/Options
  4. Managed Extensibility Framework: Part 1
  5. Managed Extensibility Framework: Part 2
  6. An Introduction to Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) - Part I

Friday, September 11, 2015

download list of common stocks

good links

  1. List of Stock Exchanges in Asia - world stock exchange list is here too
  2. List of stock exchanges
  3. List of East Asian stock exchanges
  4. List of South Asian stock exchanges
  5. List of European stock exchanges
  6. Briefing on SSE Market Data & Approved Data Vendor List
  7. List of East Asian stock exchanges
  8. Top 10 Largest Stock Exchanges in Asia
  9. US NASDAQ list. very useful.

  10. FTP directory /symboldirectory at
  11. Price List - Nasdaq Global Data Products
  12. Where to download list of all common stocks traded on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX?
  13. Symbol Look-Up/Directory Data Fields & Definitions
  14. Frequently Asked Questions NASDAQ Expanded Suffix Symbology Plans
  15. Symbol Look-Up/Directory Data Fields & Definitions
  16. Commodity Systems Inc
  17. Become a Partner
  18. What data sources are available online?
  19. Exchanges and data providers on Yahoo Finance
  20. Advances and Declines
  21. Daily stocks website
  22. Bloomberg Open Symbology Mapping Service
  23. Company List (NASDAQ, NYSE, & AMEX)
  24. eod
  25. Common stock list for NASDAQ / NYSE
  26. List of Symbols for New York Stock Exchange [NYSE]
  27. Listings Directory
  28. Easy2data

stock quote downloading papers

I collect articles related with stock quote downloading and list here for future reference. the top 2 are very good links.

  1. An Introduction to Real-Time Stock Market Data Processing

    this article has very good comments and you can get lots of information from there. real time market data processing is very useful topic.

  2. Free Up To Date Historical Stock Data

    the comments in this article is to read close price carefully. worthy second reading and good starting point.

  3. WPF / MVVM Real-Time Trading Application

    a good start to design trading application.

  4. WPF Real Time
  5. Real-Time Data Grid
  6. 96 Stocks APIs: Bloomberg, NASDAQ and E*TRADE
  7. A primitive CEP engine to analyse stock market data in real time
  8. Downloading Stock Quotes with Stocks Tracker API
  9. An Introduction to Real-Time Stock Market Data Processing
  10. Stock quote and chart from Yahoo! in C#
  11. Yahoo! Managed
  12. Stock Quote Add-In For Excel 2007
  13. 3D Real-Time Stock Exchange Quote Stream Ticker version 1.0
  14. Stock Quotes and Charts from Google Finance using C#
  15. Yahoo! Finance APIs¶
  16. Intrinio API!
  17. Intrinio Blog
  18. API Access - can be used for future partnership!

these are downloader links. good for improving my own downloader.

  1. A multi-threaded file download manager
  2. Multi-threaded file download manager- same but on
  3. MyDownloader: A Multi-thread C# Segmented Download Manager
  4. Internet Download Limiter
  5. Simple C# Downloader
  6. Downloader Class
  7. Downloading Files in .NET With All Information: Progressbar, Download Speed, Supports Cancel and Resume