Saturday, March 12, 2016

how to update App.config

how to update App.config. these two articles are one good option.

  1. ConfigurationManager.RefreshSection Method (String) -- basic function

    this code snippet has basic logic to use app.config file.

  2. How to modify / delete keys the AppConfig file

    syntax on how to remove, add and modify key pairs.

  3. C# - app config doesn't change

    this explains why app.config file is not changed in debugging mode under Visual Studio IDE.

  4. Microsoft Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0: Configuration
  5. Read/Write App.config with .NET 2.0/Enterprise Library
  6. Being Scott Densmore on Enterprise Library

Here we can find generic answers to resolve some confusions.

  1. App.config reloading
  2. Why my changes of AppSettings in App.config is not taken into account in run-time? (Console Application)
  3. Changing App.config at Runtime
  4. Setting useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy At Runtime
  5. How to: Configure an App to Support .NET Framework 4 or 4.5
  6. App.Config Files
  7. Writing to Your .NET Application's Config File
  8. Building a better .NET Application Configuration Class - revisited
  9. Is it possible to read runtime changes in App.config?
  10. Switching Configuration Files for Debug and Release Modes
  11. Why my changes of AppSettings in App.config is not taken into account in run-time? (Console Application)
  12. more research papers below:

  13. Modify App Configuration while running application , C#.NET
  14. Refreshing the .NET Application to Read Modified Configuration Files Values
  15. Refresh AppSettings keys
  16. ConfigurationManager RefreshSection not "refreshing"
  17. How to Change .NET Configuration Files at Runtime (including for WCF)
  18. How do I reload/refresh app.config?

Friday, March 11, 2016

secure FTP configuration

secure FTP configuration. need to configure these tools to connect to server environment securely.

    How to set up FileZila:

  1. Version history for FileZilla client

    Add support for password-protected SSH private keys. need to further research on how to set up SSH connection.

  2. Filezilla Network Configuration
  3. Using FileZilla basics

    set up for WinSCP for SSH connections. Read the first three articles to set up SSH. need to do research on how to set up SSH on Windows Server.

  1. Understanding SSH
  2. Using Public Keys for Authentication
  3. Using PuTTYgen
  4. Set up SSH public key authentication
  5. Installing SFTP/SSH Server on Windows using OpenSSH
  6. SSH Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)
  7. SFTP with WinSCP: Configuring SSH Public and Private Keys Using Cpanel