Friday, August 28, 2015

by ref or by value in C#

good articles on by ref and by value concept review.

  1. Passing Strings by Ref
  2. ref and out Parameters in C#

ref and out in C#

focus on ref and out keyword use. just got Visual Studio 2015. it is good time to review such design warnings.

  1. Ref and Out (The Inside Story)
  2. CA1021: Avoid out parameters
  3. Code Analysis for Managed Code Warnings
  4. How to: Run Code Analysis Manually for Managed Code
  5. How to: Enable and Disable Automatic Code Analysis for Managed Code
  6. Code Analysis for Managed Code Overview
  7. Design Warnings

Dell workstation series

Dell precision workstation series manuals and sepcifications:

  1. Dell Precision T1700
  2. Dell workstation T1700 price info
  3. Dell Precision T1700 Small Form Factor Owner's Manual
  4. Dell precision workstation 390 manuals
  5. T1700, T5810 more series
  6. Dell T3500 specs

compiler series

  1. PParser
  2. The Ultimate Toolbox Utility Classes
  3. A New Parser Generator for C#
  4. The Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator: Part 2
  5. The Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator: Part 3
  6. The Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator: Part 4
  7. The Loyc LL(k) Parser Generator: Part 5
  8. LLLPG, Loyc trees, and LES, oh my!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

hard drive initialization issue

today I got an 2'5 inch hard drive enclosure, but when I plug in my new 2'5" hard drive in, my computer can not recognize it. My hard drive is new and enclosure is new, I think there is something wrong with my steps.

So I start up my computer management tool, but I can not format it, and give me a message that the hard drive cannot be initialized. I did good and find the first link. it is very helpful. So I keep this link here for my personal future use.

  1. Installing second hard drive - says "Not Initialized" and won't let me format