Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

design patterns

design pattern topics and good articles are listed here.

  1. Reasons for using design patterns
  2. Facade Design Pattern in C# Example
  3. Understanding and Implementing Template Method Design Pattern in C#
  4. Understanding the Decorator Pattern
  5. The Option Pattern
  6. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part I: Creational
  7. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part II: Structural I
  8. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part III: Structural II
  9. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part VI: Behavioral III
  10. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part IV: Behavioral I
  11. Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part V: Behavioral II
  12. The State Design Pattern vs. State Machine
  13. Exploring Factory Pattern
  14. Design Patterns 1 of 3 - Creational Design Patterns
  15. Design Patterns 2 of 3 - Structural Design Patterns
  16. Design Patterns 3 of 3 - Behavioral Design Patterns
  17. Design Patterns: Strategy
  18. NULL Design Pattern in C#
  19. Design Patterns Part 1 - The Strategy Pattern
  20. Design Patterns Part 2 - The Factory Pattern
  21. Facade Design Pattern (C#)
  22. The Observer Design Pattern
  23. Visitor Design Pattern
  24. Adapter Design Pattern
  25. Prototype Design Pattern
  26. Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern
  27. Builder Design Pattern
  28. Bridge Design Pattern
  29. Decorator Design Pattern
  30. Strategy Design Pattern (Case Study)
  31. Observer Design Pattern (Delegates/Events)
  32. Design Patterns: Command Pattern
  33. Design Pattern Examples in C#
  34. Abstract Factory Design Pattern in C#
  35. Design pattern – Inversion of control and Dependency injection

Monday, October 19, 2015

TreeView manipulation

TreeView manipulation

    some basics for drag and drop event args types:

  1. DragDropEffects Enumeration
  2. DragEventArgs Class
  3. DragData Demo
  4. DragEventArgs Class
  5. Simple drag and drop example
  6. Remove Empty Directories (aka RED)

  7. Working with TreeView Controls
  8. DataBound TreeView
  9. Advanced TreeView for .NET
  10. TreeView Rearrange
  11. How to fill hierarchical data into a TreeView using base classes and data providers.
  12. Fast TreeView
  13. How to handle custom node state images in a TreeView (e.g. tristate checkboxes)
  14. DataBound TreeView Control
  15. Generic TreeView
  16. Simple Tri-State TreeView
  17. C# TreeView Traversing
  18. Populating TreeView on a Background Thread
  19. Three State Treeview - Part 2
  20. Tuning Up The TreeView - Part 1
  21. Tuning Up The TreeView - Part 2
  22. How to display a context menu that is specific to a selected TreeView node by using Visual C# .NET or Visual C# 2005
  23. TreeNode Right Click Option
  24. Introduction to TreeView Drag and Drop (VB.NET)

csv to data table to csv

csv to data table to csv again...

  1. Creating CSV File from List
  2. CSV to Table to CSV
  3. Auto-detect CSV Separator
  4. CSV Filter
  5. Reading and Writing CSV Files in C#
  6. A Fast CSV Reader
  7. Insert into database from CSV file
  8. FileHelpers v3.1 - Delimited (CSV) or Fixed Data Import/Export Framework
  9. C# CSV File and String Reader Classes
  10. CSV Format Encoder and Decoder
  11. Reading and Writing CSV Files in C#
  12. CSV Parser in C#
  13. Friday, October 16, 2015

    file and directory related topics /traverse directory logic

    good links on file and directory manipulation

      file reading and writing methods are collected below:

    1. How to: Get Information About Files, Folders, and Drives (C# Programming Guide)
    2. How to: Create a File or Folder (C# Programming Guide)
    3. How to: Copy, Delete, and Move Files and Folders (C# Programming Guide)
    4. How to: Provide a Progress Dialog Box for File Operations (C# Programming Guide)
    5. How to: Write to a Text File (C# Programming Guide)
    6. How to: Read From a Text File (C# Programming Guide)
    7. How to: Read a Text File One Line at a Time (Visual C#)

    8. the following are directory manipulation and traverse logic.

    9. How to: Iterate Through a Directory Tree (C# Programming Guide)

      beside it, lot of good articles too. I selected the stack based traverse in eReader application. need to customize some parameters to my application.

    10. Best way to iterate folders and subfolders
    11. Recursively walking through a directory tree and listing file names
    12. How to loop through all the files in a directory in c # .net?
    13. C# – Loop all files in directory and it’s sub-directories
    14. Recursive File List. -- this is a simple way
    15. Scan directories using recursion:: worthy further look and may be useful
    16. (C#) Iterate over Files and Directories in Filesystem Directory Tree
    17. Get Sub Directories in C#

    18. Working with Files (Using C# and .NET Framework)
    19. Designing Your Own Format
    20. File Attribute Changer
    21. Fast Binary File Reading with C#
    22. File System Search Engine

    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

    BindingList and BindingSource to DataGridView etc

    good topic on bindingList, bindingSource and datagridview links:

    1. BindingList Class
    2. BindingList Example
    3. BindingList Class on .NET 4.0
    4. List vs BindingList Advantages/DisAdvantages
    5. Databinding - Bindinglist, BindingSource and BusinessObjects - Part 1
    6. DataTable vs. BindingList
    7. Binding to BindingList
    8. BindingSource and BindingList Of T - DataBinding made simple!
    9. How to Bind GridView to BindingList
    10. DataGridView and binding with BindingList and DataSource
    11. BindingList Collection Is Read-Only
    12. Data Binding in .NET / C# Windows Forms
    13. Why BindingList is slow with objects implementing INotifyPropertyChanged interface - See more at:
    14. Databinding - BindingList, BindingSource, and BusinessObjects: Part 2

    15. BindingSource topics are listed below:

    16. How to use BindingSource and BindingNavigator
    17. BindingSource Class
    18. BindingSource and BindingNavigator in C# 2.0
    19. A Detailed Data Binding Tutorial
    20. Presenting Data with the DataGridView Control in .NET 2.0
    21. 101 Ways to Manipulate the DataGridView Control
    22. Differences Between the Windows Forms DataGridView and DataGrid Controls
    23. Data Binding TreeView in C#
    24. DataBound TreeView Control
    25. Data Binding for Windows Forms
    26. BindingSource - A Closer Look...
    27. DataBinding – DataGridView/BindingSource
    28. Tutorial: Binding to DataTable or DataSet

    29. DataGridView topics are listed here:

    30. DataTable topics are listed here:

    Friday, October 9, 2015

    debugger visualizer

    good articles on data debugger visualizers..

    1. Resource ID Organiser Add-In for Visual C++ 5.0/6.0/.NET
    2. Data Debugger Visualizer
    3. Graphics Debugger Visualizer
    4. Authoring Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers
    5. Create a Debugger Visualizer in 10 Lines of Code
    6. A Generic List and Dictionary Debugger Visualizer for VS.NET
    7. Visualizing Fractals
    8. XML Visualizer v.2
    9. XML Explorer
    10. Simple XSLT stylesheet for Visual Studio .NET XML documentation
    11. XML Literals
    12. Advanced Debugging in Visual Studio
    13. Zeta Color Visualizer
    14. 10+ powerful debugging tricks with Visual Studio
    15. Capture object state with visualizers
    16. Visual Studio Shortcuts
    17. 8 great features in Visual Studio 2013
    18. Visual Studio Add Ins - In Depth
    19. Line Counter - Writing a Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 Add-In
    20. Top Ten Free Extensions for Visual Studio 2008
    21. Visual Drawing.Net

    time library

    good articles on time library and system library

    1. Professional System Library: Introduction
    2. Time Period Library for .NET
    3. PersianCalendarPlus - an easy to use tool for working and converting PersianDateTime to Gregorian and back
    4. Convert date from Hijri Calendar to Gregorian Calendar and vise versa
    5. Windows Hijri Calendar
    6. ASP.NET DatePicker User Control (Hijri / Gregorian) shows month and year as dropdowns
    7. Farsi Library - Working with Dates, Calendars, and DatePickers
    8. Persian Calendar(PersianDateTime) in C#
    9. Persian DateTime
    10. Bootstrap Persian DateTimePicker

    GDI+ topics

    good articles on GDI+ application...

    1. Drawing gears - circular and non circular
    2. Windows 7 / VS2010 demo app
    3. Gradients made easy
    4. Gradient Forms - The Easy Way

    Thursday, October 8, 2015

    good tools (includng some XML tools) for developers.

    useful tools for developers...

    1. Your Development Tools
    2. Useful Reference Books
    3. HexEdit - Window Binary File Editor
    4. XML Visualizer v.2
    5. XML Explorer
    6. XML Literals
    7. Simple XSLT stylesheet for Visual Studio .NET XML documentation
    8. XML Parser Demo
    9. XML optimization
    10. XML for beginners and experts
    11. Free Code Metrics for Visual Studio Professional
    12. Visual Studio Code Metrics PowerTool 10.0

    SVN tools

    some useful small tools collected here.

    1. Agile Sandbox (Part I)
    2. Agile Sandbox (Part II)
    3. Agile Sandbox (Part III)
    4. XAutobuild - A utility to increment build number
    5. Version Control for the Standalone Programmer - Part 1
    6. Deleting some directories recursively (i.e. .svn folders when you start a new project)
    7. SVN Commenter
    8. Repository Utility - Github-style Activity Chart
    9. Using Subversion with TortoiseSVN
    10. Peer Code Review Add-in for Visual Studio 2008 - ReviewMyCode
    11. Get Started with Extending Visual Studio
    12. Creating Add-ins and Wizards
    13. Work Flow of Build Automation
    14. Source Control with Visual Studio .NET
    15. SyncBox - An Online Storage Alternative
    16. Using Subversion on Windows XP: a personal experience
    17. SVN Shelve
    18. SQL Server database versioning with Subversion (SVN)
    19. SVN pre-commit hook in VBScript
    20. Subversion (SVN) Post-Commit Organizer for Shadow Copy
    21. Adding Post-commit Hook to SVN Source Control
    22. Version Control with Subversion: Tortoise SVN
    23. Creating and Applying Patch in SVN
    24. Five Steps to SVN Merging
    25. Version Control with Subversion: Tortoise SVN – II
    26. Source Control for Visual Studio 2008: VisualSVN Server, TortoiseSVN, & AnkhSVN - Part I
    27. Source Control for Visual Studio 2008: Trunks, Tags, and Branches - Part II
    28. Source Control for Visual Studio 2008: Saved by the Repository - Part III
    29. How to set up Subversion with Apache in Windows (quick reference)
    30. Subversion & TortoiseSVN: Installed and started on Windows 2003 server and local machines
    31. Deleting some directories recursively (i.e. .svn folders when you start a new project)
    32. Recursively remove .svn folders
    33. Visual Studio Tips & Tricks for Developers:- This includes some shortcuts features in Visual Studio 2008 which will increase your productivity

    Saturday, October 3, 2015

    special folder

    special folder topic

    1. Getting all "Special Folders" in .NET
    2. Accessing All of Windows Special Folders
    3. Fluentx: A Special .NET Library
    4. Fluentx: A Special .NET Library
    5. Time Period Library for .NET
    6. Extended Folder Browser
    7. Customizing OpenFileDialog in .NET
    8. Customizing Folders in C#
    9. Private Folder Locker
    10. Advanced TreeView for .NET
    11. Folder protection for Windows using C# and concepts on Windows Shell menu for folders
    12. What directories do the different Application SpecialFolders point to in WindowsXP and Windows Vista
    13. Environment.GetFolderPath(…CommonApplicationData) is still returning “C:\Documents and Settings\” on Vista
    14. How to get the application specific data folder (ProgramData)?
    15. Environment.SpecialFolder Enumeration
    16. Environment.GetFolderPath Method (Environment.SpecialFolder)
    17. Where should I store my data?
    18. Allow write/modify access to CommonApplicationData
    19. .NET tip: Getting the Users Home, Temp or My Documents Directory by Charlie Calvert
    20. Visual Studio 2012 C# Common Application Data
    21. Comparing special folders returned by Environment.GetFolderPath between Windows XP and Vista
    22. Environment.SpecialFolder on Windows, Linux and OS X
    23. Where Should I Store my Data and Configuration Files if I Target Multiple OS Versions?
    24. Folder Browser component for .NET -not recommended from comments:)

    gongfu books

    gongfu books

    1. 《内功真经》真本全书
    2. 《内功真经》真本全书


    topics on logging...

    1. Top 9 Windows Event Log Tips Using C#:: good review
    2. Introduction to NLog
    3. How to NLog (4.2) with VisualStudio 2015
    4. How to NLog (2.1 & 3.1) with VisualStudio 2013
    5. Logging: How to Growl with NLog 3 (or 2.1)
    6. Simple Logging Façade
    7. The Art of Logging
    8. AlphaLog
    9. Windows 7 / VS2010 demo app
    10. LogWizard - a Log Viewer that is easy and fun to use!
    11. LogWizard - Talk About your Logs!
    12. Logging Setup in 5 Minutes with NLog
    13. Easy Log Viewer. Yet another log viewer tool, but Easier
    14. Logging in .NET with NLog (default config file, catch all exceptions and route to logger, ...)
    15. Logging setup in 5 minutes with NLog
    16. Free Log File Viewer: Log4Net Log4J NLog
    17. Free Log File Viewer: Log4Net Log4J NLog - download file link
    18. home of Chainsaw v2!
    19. LogViewer for Log4Net
    20. YALV! - Yet Another Log4Net Viewer
    21. Log2Console - A Generic Log Viewer (for Log4Net, NLog...)

    functional programming

    functional programming topic

    1. Functional programming in C#
    2. AFP: Almost Functional Programming in C#, part 1
    3. AFP: Almost Functional Programming in C#: Part 2
    4. Functional Programming in Numerical Integration
    5. Graph of Function
    6. The Art of Maintenance Programming

    my frequently reading good websites

    good reference websites for me

    1. List of freely available programming books
    2. Useful Reference Books by Chris Munder
    3. my favorite
    4. my favorite C++ website
    5. C++ Language
    6. C++ Tutorial
    7. C++ Tutorial
    8. C++ tutorial for C users
    9. C++ Tutorial: 1. Create the Project
    10. Your Electronics Reference
    11. A Gallery of Useful Programming Books

    new programming languages

    good links related with your own programming languages...

    1. A Simple Compiler for the Common Language Runtime
    2. Bird Programming Language: Part 1
    3. Bird Programming Language: Part 2
    4. Bird Programming Language: Part 3
    5. How processor, assembler, and programming languages work (for dummies)
    6. Ela, functional programming language
    7. Supernova Programming Language
    8. Compiler and language
    9. Create Your Own Programming Language
    10. Cat - A Statically Typed Programming Language Interpreter in C#
    11. Building a Programing Language – Part I (Creating BrainLess)
    12. Creating Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language
    13. Building a Programming Language: Part II (Adding Conditions, Loop and Blocks to BrainLess)
    14. Writing Your First Visual Studio Language Service
    15. Writing Your First Domain Specific Language, Part 1 of 2
    16. Conscript: An embeddable, compiled scripting language for .NET
    17. EezeeScript: A simple embeddable scripting language for .NET
    18. NeoLua (Lua for the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime)
    19. Script.NET a language for embedding scripting functionality into CLR Applications
    20. Understanding Common Intermediate Language (CIL)
    21. C# as a Scripting Language in Your .NET Applications Using Roslyn
    22. Writing your first Domain Specific Language, Part 2 of 2

    UI testing

    goog articles on testing and UI testing:

    1. Practical Unit Testing - a manual
    2. Unit Testing options in Visual Studio 2008
    3. NTime - Performance unit testing tool
    4. Fun with Unit Testing - testing abstract classes
    5. Dynamic Unit Testing
    6. Safely expose your methods for Unit Testing
    7. Unit Testing Serialisation
    8. Introduction to NUnit and TDD
    9. Automated UI Testing - An Alternative Approach for Agile Teams
    10. Introduction to Unit Testing with: MS tests, NUnit and Fluent Assertions.
    11. Unit Testing Using NUnit
    12. Unit Testing Using NUnit
    13. Advanced Unit Test, Part V - Unit Test Patterns
    14. Advanced Unit Testing, Part I - Overview
    15. Advanced Unit Testing, Part II - Core Implementation
    16. Advanced Unit Testing, Part III - Testing Processes
    17. Advanced Unit Testing, Part IV - Fixture Setup/Teardown, Test Repetition And Performance Tests
    18. Advanced Unit Test, Part V - Unit Test Patterns
    19. The benefits of automated unit testing
    20. Writing Your First Unit Test
    21. Introduction to Mocking
    22. Unit testing Singleton
    23. Unit testing INotifyPropertyChanged [tip]
    24. Unit Testing with TestDriven.NET
    25. Unit testing with CPPUnit
    26. Creating Unit tests for your c# code
    27. Unit Testing Interfaces in .NET
    28. Checklist for Unit & Unit Integration Testing
    29. 12 Important FAQ’s on VSTS Testing (Unit testing, load testing, automated testing, database testing and code coverage)
    30. The best Unit Test Framework (UTF) in town
    31. Unit testing with Mock objects (Rhino Mocks)
    32. Minimal unit test library for C++
    33. An Introduction to Boost
    34. QS Part 1 - A New Approach to Unit and Integration Testing