Saturday, October 3, 2015

UI testing

goog articles on testing and UI testing:

  1. Practical Unit Testing - a manual
  2. Unit Testing options in Visual Studio 2008
  3. NTime - Performance unit testing tool
  4. Fun with Unit Testing - testing abstract classes
  5. Dynamic Unit Testing
  6. Safely expose your methods for Unit Testing
  7. Unit Testing Serialisation
  8. Introduction to NUnit and TDD
  9. Automated UI Testing - An Alternative Approach for Agile Teams
  10. Introduction to Unit Testing with: MS tests, NUnit and Fluent Assertions.
  11. Unit Testing Using NUnit
  12. Unit Testing Using NUnit
  13. Advanced Unit Test, Part V - Unit Test Patterns
  14. Advanced Unit Testing, Part I - Overview
  15. Advanced Unit Testing, Part II - Core Implementation
  16. Advanced Unit Testing, Part III - Testing Processes
  17. Advanced Unit Testing, Part IV - Fixture Setup/Teardown, Test Repetition And Performance Tests
  18. Advanced Unit Test, Part V - Unit Test Patterns
  19. The benefits of automated unit testing
  20. Writing Your First Unit Test
  21. Introduction to Mocking
  22. Unit testing Singleton
  23. Unit testing INotifyPropertyChanged [tip]
  24. Unit Testing with TestDriven.NET
  25. Unit testing with CPPUnit
  26. Creating Unit tests for your c# code
  27. Unit Testing Interfaces in .NET
  28. Checklist for Unit & Unit Integration Testing
  29. 12 Important FAQ’s on VSTS Testing (Unit testing, load testing, automated testing, database testing and code coverage)
  30. The best Unit Test Framework (UTF) in town
  31. Unit testing with Mock objects (Rhino Mocks)
  32. Minimal unit test library for C++
  33. An Introduction to Boost
  34. QS Part 1 - A New Approach to Unit and Integration Testing

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