Friday, October 16, 2015

file and directory related topics /traverse directory logic

good links on file and directory manipulation

    file reading and writing methods are collected below:

  1. How to: Get Information About Files, Folders, and Drives (C# Programming Guide)
  2. How to: Create a File or Folder (C# Programming Guide)
  3. How to: Copy, Delete, and Move Files and Folders (C# Programming Guide)
  4. How to: Provide a Progress Dialog Box for File Operations (C# Programming Guide)
  5. How to: Write to a Text File (C# Programming Guide)
  6. How to: Read From a Text File (C# Programming Guide)
  7. How to: Read a Text File One Line at a Time (Visual C#)

  8. the following are directory manipulation and traverse logic.

  9. How to: Iterate Through a Directory Tree (C# Programming Guide)

    beside it, lot of good articles too. I selected the stack based traverse in eReader application. need to customize some parameters to my application.

  10. Best way to iterate folders and subfolders
  11. Recursively walking through a directory tree and listing file names
  12. How to loop through all the files in a directory in c # .net?
  13. C# – Loop all files in directory and it’s sub-directories
  14. Recursive File List. -- this is a simple way
  15. Scan directories using recursion:: worthy further look and may be useful
  16. (C#) Iterate over Files and Directories in Filesystem Directory Tree
  17. Get Sub Directories in C#

  18. Working with Files (Using C# and .NET Framework)
  19. Designing Your Own Format
  20. File Attribute Changer
  21. Fast Binary File Reading with C#
  22. File System Search Engine

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