Saturday, February 27, 2016

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mathematical parser

one good plan to is to use GOLD to generate parser, then use language template to generate a skeleton application to handle all aspects of these small and useful parsers.

  1. Grammars: theory vs. practice
  2. LALR Parse Table Generation in C#
  3. Production Grammar Framework for .NET with Applications to Testing
  4. Generate SLR Parse Table From CFG Grammar
  5. Create Your Own Programming Language
  6. Write your own Code Generator or Template Engine in .NET
  7. Spart, a parser generator framework 100% C#
  8. Cat - A Statically Typed Programming Language Interpreter in C#
  9. Smart Code Generator (Asp.Net)
  10. Smart Code Generator-How to create Templates
  11. Math Equation Parsing using Call Stacks
  12. Implementing Programming Languages Using C# 4.0
  13. Parsing - It Is Easy. Base CSharp Classes and Expressions Calculator
  14. Parsing - it is easy.
  15. Mini Algebaraic Calculator 1
  16. Expression Evaluator
  17. Math Parther Engine
  18. Fast Mathematical Expressions Parser
  19. Feature List

    the original website for this parser. it can be done in GOLD parser with decent structure and clean code.

  20. LL Mathematical Parser
  21. Fast Polymorphic Math Parser
  22. Math Parser .NET C#
  23. Math Parser .NET
  24. Math Parser
  25. An extensible math expression parser with plug-ins
  26. Parsing Mathematical Expressions with muParser
  27. Simple Guide to Mathematical Expression Parsing
  28. Mathematical Expression Parser Using Recursive Descent Parsing
  29. Inside the Mathematical Expressions Evaluator
  30. Basic mathematical expression evaluator
  31. A Tiny Expression Evaluator
  32. a Tiny Parser Generator v1.2
  33. A Math Expression Evaluator
  34. Evaluation Engine
  35. Evaluation Engine 1.3
  36. Math Expression Evaluator
  37. math / function / boolean /string expression evaluator
  38. A powerful function parser
  39. CSV Parser (C#)
  40. Spart, a parser generator framework 100% C#
  41. Easily Create Your Own Parser
  42. Simple(x) Numerical Formula Parser
  43. MathParser - Math Formula Parser
  44. Building a General Purpose Interpreter, Math Engine and Parser in C#
  45. Mathematical Expression Parser Using Coco/R
  46. EBNF Visualizer
  47. C# - Light and Fast CSV Parser
  48. A Generic enum Parser in C#
  49. Generating a High-Speed Parser, Part 1: re2c
  50. Irony - .NET Compiler Construction Kit
  51. LALR Parse Table Generation in C#
  52. Crafting an interpreter Part 1 - Parsing and Grammars

    this gives very good grammar notation system. good to read. the first reference is good from MIT course slide. good to browse.

  53. Crafting an interpreter Part 2 - The Calc0 Toy Language
  54. Crafting an interpreter Part 3 - Parse Trees and Syntax Trees
  55. Lua Interpreter
  56. Parsing Expression Grammar Support for C# 3.0 Part 1 - PEG Lib and Parser Generator
  57. Visual Calc v3.0 - A new dimension for the desktop calculator
  58. Equation Calculator with Graphing
  59. A multipurpose scientific calculator
  60. iberg's muParser modified to support pointer data types
  61. A Calculation Engine for .NET
  62. C# RPN Expression
  63. Creating Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language
  64. Implementing an Excel-like formula engine
  65. C#-like Expression Evaluator and Type Converter
  66. The Designing of a Logic Reasoning Methodology
  67. C# Eval Function
  68. One dimensional root finding algorithms

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

compiler design topics

compiler design topics

  1. GOLD Parsing System
  2. GOLD Parser ::Instructions for the Builder and Engine
  3. Source Code and Documentation
  4. Let Your Parser Go for the GOLD
  5. GOLD Parse, how do you actually implement your code?
  6. Calitha C# GOLD Parser Engine
  7. compiler,gold parser,DFA,LALR
  8. The LLVM Project

  9. Introduction to GOLD Parser

    this is very good introduction. It mentions some tips for life cycle management for generated abstract class file and your own implementation class in separate file. so that it will not be wiped out after you add new features into your language and you need to regenerate your parse file.

  10. A Simple Compiler for the Common Language Runtime

    it generates a simple language with integer, float and array type. a very good demo on how to create our own language using GOLD parser.

  11. A Money type for the CLR

    a basic data type and it can be used in new language.

  12. Money pattern

    good article to start with in order to have basic introduction and concepts.

  13. Money DataType

    a good application and demo to look at money type.

  14. .NET Type Internals - From a Microsoft CLR Perspective

    worthy to browse it and see its perspective for primitive data type.

  15. Generating Code at Run Time With Reflection.Emit
  16. Dynamic Type Using Reflection.Emit
  17. Introduction to Creating Dynamic Types with Reflection.Emit
  18. Introduction to Creating Dynamic Types with Reflection.Emit: Part 2
  19. Using Reflection.Emit to Precompile Expressions to MSIL
  20. RunSharp - Reflection.Emit Has Never Been Easier
  21. Debugging Dynamically Generated Code (Reflection.Emit)
  22. Why you can’t do Edit-and-Continue on Dynamically generated code
  23. Runtime code generation for types
  24. Reflection, performance and runtime code generation

    Most applications don’t need runtime code generation — either they know everything they need to know at compile time, or the performance considerations are such that Reflection is good enough. However, if you’re running a lot of Reflection code, then replacing it with type-specific code generated at runtime can give you a big performance boost.

  25. RunSharp – IL Generation for Dummies
  26. Reflection and Reflection.Emit in C#
  27. A comparison of dynamic code generation methods in .NET
  28. Creating Code at Runtime / System.Reflection.Emit

    Here an example how we can create code at runtime. In this sample, I try to create the following class at runtime:

  29. Creating Code at Runtime (Part 2)

    If we need to handle events and delegates, here is the following sample:

  30. Creating Code at Runtime (Part 3)

    to change our previous delegate for one more standard, like EventHandler. we update this new class to looks like:

  31. Reflection Part 2: Emit

    In this article we will examine reflection emit - the ability to dynamically generate code at run-time.

  32. Reflection Part 1: Discovery and Execution

    we explain reflection in the .NET Framework and demonstrate where and how you can use this new tool in your applications.

  33. Get Drunk on the Power of Reflection.Emit
  34. CIL Instruction Set
  35. CIL Instructions Set Quick Reference
  36. MSIL Programming Part 1
  37. MSIL Programming Part 2
  38. Writings on Computer Science -- Dick Grune

Monday, February 15, 2016

Nlog configuration and tutorials

Nlog configuration and tutorials

  1. Welcome to NLog
  2. NLogTutorial
  3. NLog GitHub site
  4. ReflectInsight Live/Log Viewer:: a good log viewer- commercial product
  5. A Façade for Simple and Framework-Independent Logging in .NET

    a good façade framework to remove the logging dependency.

  6. Simple Logging Façade

    need to know how to use it. find more details on this framework and save more time in future.

  7. Visual Studio Support

    NLog integrates with Visual Studio® 2005/2008 and 2010 (including Visual C# and Visual Basic.NET Express Editions). Integration with Visual Studio.NET 2002 and 2003 is also supported, but not all features are available.

  8. NLog Web resources
  9. Introduction to NLog
  10. Logging Setup in 5 Minutes with NLog
  11. How to NLog (4.2) with VisualStudio 2015

    very good steps to follow. it is easy.

  12. How to NLog (2.1 & 3.1) with VisualStudio 2013
  13. ReflectInsight Overview
  14. Comparison of logging frameworks
  15. Sentinel - Log Viewer
  16. How to use NLog together with Sentinel
  17. Log Viewers/Analyzers
  18. Logging to SQLite with NLog
  19. Nlog configuration

    target configuration of NLog is good reference.

  20. Logging with NLog

    target configuration of NLog is good reference.

  21. NLog configuration Targets
  22. Trace Activities with NLog

    this article gives very realistic configuration and worthy a look.

  23. Logging Setup in 5 Minutes with NLog

    the xsd file path setup is good.

  24. Easy Log Viewer. Yet another log viewer tool, but Easier.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

windows form control memory comparison and profiling

HOWTO:: connect sql server 2012 express in C#

HOW to connect sql server 2012 express in C#

  1. Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0 Programming Smart Client Data Applications with .NET 2.0 by Brian Noyes

    classical data binding book. details descriptions on data binding.

  2. Supporting Non-Standard Development Configurations

    I need to download this PDf file to set up SQL server express 2005 database to read the book "Data Binding Windows Forms 2.0".

  3. Connecting to a SQL Server Express Database with C# .NET

    this is the best article to demo how C# connection SQL server Express::

  4. C# Connection to SQL Server 2012 Express is Fail

    it shares a good connection string I can use it in my application as a template string:

    using System.Data.SqlClient;

    public static string cnString=@"Database=MyDatabaseName;Server=MyServerName\SQLEXPRESS;Connect timeout=15;Integrated security=True;Net=dbmssocn;Application name=MyAppName;";
    public static SqlConnection srvConn= new SqlConnection(cnString); srvConn.Open();

  5. Connection Strings for SQL Server 2008

    good collections of all types of connection cases:

    Using SQL Server Express instance::


  6. Fixing Instance Failure when connecting to SQL Server 2005 Express

    another good tip to share on connection string to SQL server express.

  7. SQL Server Express 2012 & Visual Studio 2010

    this article also includes installation steps. easy to follow set-up. good reference.

  8. Linking DropDownList to GridView

  9. Connect to SQL Server 2012 Database with C# (Visual Studio 2012)
  10. How to: Connect to Data in a SQL Server Express Database
  11. Walkthrough: Creating a SQL Server Express Database
  12. How to: Connect to Data in a SQL Server Express Database
  13. Walkthrough: Connecting to Data in a SQL Server Express Database
  14. Connecting to Data in Visual Studio
  15. Preparing Your Application to Receive Data
  16. Fetching Data into Your Application
  17. Displaying Data on Forms in Windows Applications

  18. implement my own data binding custom control

  19. Interfaces Related to Data Binding
  20. How to: Create a Simple-Bound Control on a Windows Form

  21. Microsoft overview on major components and fundamentals.

  22. How to: Navigate Data in Windows Forms
  23. Binding Class
  24. BindingSource Class
  25. BindingSource Component
  26. DataGridView Control (Windows Forms)
  27. Data Binding and Windows Forms === outdated
  28. Windows Forms Data Binding

SQL server express 2012 installation

SQL server express 2012 installation and use it in C# to test databinding and datagridview etc.

    installation process needs following steps:

    You can: Download SQL Server 2014 Express. Click the big red button that says "Download SQL Server 2012 Express" and choose the version you want. I am not certain what the differences are (after all I am only learning this myself), but I chose "Sql Server Express with Advanced Services" because it looked like it has everything one might need. So download it, install it and read on when you are done.

    Next thing you need to do is install a sample database for you to work with. It is probably best if you install the same database I am using, which is the AdventureWorks2012 sample database.

    Getting this was actually harder than installing SQL Server 2012. You can get it on the SQL Server Sample Database CodePlex website. At the time of this writing you can choose 14(!) downloads. What the...!? So I picked a few and got successful with the AdventureWorks2012-Full Database (near the bottom of list of downloads).

    after download the zip file and unzip the .bak file inside. Luckily here are the steps to get this into SQL Server. Place the .bak file in your SQL Server backup folder. If you have not changed anything during installation it should be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SQL2012EXPRESS\MSSQL\Backup. Now go to your SQL Server 2012 instance, open up the Object Explorer (if it is not opened already) and right click on the Database folder. In the context menu go to Restore Database.

    Click on "Device" and then click on the button behind it. You should now see the Select backup devices window. Click "Add" and browse to the .bak file you just unzipped (if you don't see it immediately). Select the .bak file and click "OK". Make sure you have no other files selected in the Select backup devices window. Click "OK" and you should be back in the Restore database window. You can review your options and click "OK" again. The AdventureWorks database should now be restored and ready for use.

    here are my statement: from Restore database page: select device option, then click Add button. From pop-up window, browse to backup folder and select .bak file.

  1. Adventure Works for SQL Server 2012
  2. Adventure Works 2014 Sample Databases
  3. AdventureWorks and Samples for SQL Server 2016 CTP
  4. Querying SQL Server 2012: Part I
  5. Querying SQL Server 2012: Part II
  6. SQL 2012 express installation guide

    this installation guide detailed the steps to follow, also it gave details how to configure it:

    For 32-Bit machines, download the file: SQLEXPRWT_x86_ENU.exe For 64-Bit machines, download the file: SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe

  7. Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Express

    download SQL 2012 Express from this link by following the information on BillQuick guide.

  8. BillQuick Getting Started Guid
  9. it tells how to set up under different enviornments and how to set up database instances. good reference.

  10. How to Install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
  11. Microsoft SQL Server Express: Version Comparison Matrix and Free Downloads
  12. SQL Server Express Forum
  13. Free eBooks from Microsoft Press for SQL Server and other Microsoft Products

  14. SQL 2016 server preview are coming..

  15. SQL Server 2016 Preview
  16. Editions and Components of SQL Server 2016

  17. Compare SQL server express vs. LocalDB version. with good user guide on LocalDB.

  18. Is there a difference between SQL Server Express (2012) and LocalDB?
  19. confusion about SQL Server Express and localdb
  20. SQL Express v LocalDB v SQL Compact Edition
  21. Introducing LocalDB, an improved SQL Express
  22. SQL Server 2012 connection strings

    a good connection string site to reference:

  23. Database Connectionstrings

    another good connection string site to reference:

  24. LocalDB Manager
  25. SQL Server Express LocalDB
  26. Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB
  27. SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB – How to get started
  28. How to Install SQL Server 2012 Express and SQL Server Management Studio 2012 Express :: youtube video

Monday, February 8, 2016

C# lectures

C# lectures

  1. C# Lectures - Lecture 5:Events, Delegates, Delegates Chain by C# example
  2. C# Lectures - Lecture 4: OOP basics: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism by C# example
  3. C# Lectures - Lecture 3 Designing Types in C#. Basics You Need to Know About Classes
  4. C# Lectures - Lecture 2: Work with text in C#: char, string, StringBuilder, SecureString
  5. C# Lectures - Lecture 4: OOP basics: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism by C# example
  6. Objects Equality in C#
  7. Comparing Values for Equality in .NET: Identity and Equivalence
  8. Testing Equality of Two Objects
  9. A Study In Equality
  10. Partial DateTime Object Equality
  11. Partial DateTime Object Equality
  12. Partial DateTime Object Equality
  13. Partial DateTime Object Equality
  14. another guy's series on C#. they are pretty good too.

  15. An advanced introduction to C# - Lecture Notes Part 1 of 4
  16. Mastering C# - Lecture Notes Part 2 of 4
  17. Digging into .NET Object Allocation Fundamentals
  18. C# BAD PRACTICES: Learn how to make a good code by bad example – Part 2
  19. Professional techniques for C# - Lecture Notes Part 4 of 4

.NET data binding details

here is the summary for data binding:

  • The Control.DataBindings collection holds Binding objects, each of which has a DataSource property of type Object.
  • The DataSource property of ListBox, DataGridView etc. is of type Object.
  • The BindingSource class also has a DataSource of type Object

  1. A Detailed Data Binding Tutorial
  2. Understanding Simple Data Binding
  3. Data binding concepts in .NET windows forms
  4. TableDataSource - Binding DataTable to Rich Data Controls
  5. ObjectDataSource In Depth
  6. Data binding a ListView
  7. Data Binding an Enum with Descriptions

  8. the following links are basics. many good examples to play around..

  9. Tackle Complex Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0
  10. Data Binding for Windows Forms

    good article with examples and summary. comparison is good too.

  11. Link a Windows Forms Control to an Object: Data Binding

    good comparison between simple binding and complex binding. worthy quick browsing.

  12. Windows Forms Data Binding
  13. Data Binding and Windows Forms
  14. 101 Ways to Manipulate the DataGridView Control
  15. Data Binding in .NET / C# Windows Forms
  16. Complex Data Binding a collection implementing IBindingList and ITypedList

  17. note: INotifyPropertyChyanged implementation. tips and tricks are showed here:

  18. C# .Net – DataBinding using BindingList
  19. C# .Net – Using INotifyPropertyChanged with databound classes
  20. Binding List to DataGridView C# WinForm
  21. Programming in C# Data Binding to Controls
  22. Bind Better with INotifyPropertyChanged
  23. .NET WinForms INotifyPropertyChanged updates all bindings when one is changed. Better way?
  24. How Binding watches control properties (i.e. how does DataSourceUpdateMode.OnPropertyChanged work) :: good comments to think over

  25. it seems like XMAL uses this interface.

  26. Data Binding With INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
  27. INotifyPropertyChanged Is Obsolete
  28. INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
  29. INotifyPropertyChanged, The .NET 4.5 Way - Revisited====> this contains 5 links. all good articles
  30. Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged - does a better way exist?

how to add your MFC 7829N printer