Monday, February 15, 2016

Nlog configuration and tutorials

Nlog configuration and tutorials

  1. Welcome to NLog
  2. NLogTutorial
  3. NLog GitHub site
  4. ReflectInsight Live/Log Viewer:: a good log viewer- commercial product
  5. A Façade for Simple and Framework-Independent Logging in .NET

    a good façade framework to remove the logging dependency.

  6. Simple Logging Façade

    need to know how to use it. find more details on this framework and save more time in future.

  7. Visual Studio Support

    NLog integrates with Visual Studio® 2005/2008 and 2010 (including Visual C# and Visual Basic.NET Express Editions). Integration with Visual Studio.NET 2002 and 2003 is also supported, but not all features are available.

  8. NLog Web resources
  9. Introduction to NLog
  10. Logging Setup in 5 Minutes with NLog
  11. How to NLog (4.2) with VisualStudio 2015

    very good steps to follow. it is easy.

  12. How to NLog (2.1 & 3.1) with VisualStudio 2013
  13. ReflectInsight Overview
  14. Comparison of logging frameworks
  15. Sentinel - Log Viewer
  16. How to use NLog together with Sentinel
  17. Log Viewers/Analyzers
  18. Logging to SQLite with NLog
  19. Nlog configuration

    target configuration of NLog is good reference.

  20. Logging with NLog

    target configuration of NLog is good reference.

  21. NLog configuration Targets
  22. Trace Activities with NLog

    this article gives very realistic configuration and worthy a look.

  23. Logging Setup in 5 Minutes with NLog

    the xsd file path setup is good.

  24. Easy Log Viewer. Yet another log viewer tool, but Easier.

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