Saturday, February 27, 2016

mathematical parser

one good plan to is to use GOLD to generate parser, then use language template to generate a skeleton application to handle all aspects of these small and useful parsers.

  1. Grammars: theory vs. practice
  2. LALR Parse Table Generation in C#
  3. Production Grammar Framework for .NET with Applications to Testing
  4. Generate SLR Parse Table From CFG Grammar
  5. Create Your Own Programming Language
  6. Write your own Code Generator or Template Engine in .NET
  7. Spart, a parser generator framework 100% C#
  8. Cat - A Statically Typed Programming Language Interpreter in C#
  9. Smart Code Generator (Asp.Net)
  10. Smart Code Generator-How to create Templates
  11. Math Equation Parsing using Call Stacks
  12. Implementing Programming Languages Using C# 4.0
  13. Parsing - It Is Easy. Base CSharp Classes and Expressions Calculator
  14. Parsing - it is easy.
  15. Mini Algebaraic Calculator 1
  16. Expression Evaluator
  17. Math Parther Engine
  18. Fast Mathematical Expressions Parser
  19. Feature List

    the original website for this parser. it can be done in GOLD parser with decent structure and clean code.

  20. LL Mathematical Parser
  21. Fast Polymorphic Math Parser
  22. Math Parser .NET C#
  23. Math Parser .NET
  24. Math Parser
  25. An extensible math expression parser with plug-ins
  26. Parsing Mathematical Expressions with muParser
  27. Simple Guide to Mathematical Expression Parsing
  28. Mathematical Expression Parser Using Recursive Descent Parsing
  29. Inside the Mathematical Expressions Evaluator
  30. Basic mathematical expression evaluator
  31. A Tiny Expression Evaluator
  32. a Tiny Parser Generator v1.2
  33. A Math Expression Evaluator
  34. Evaluation Engine
  35. Evaluation Engine 1.3
  36. Math Expression Evaluator
  37. math / function / boolean /string expression evaluator
  38. A powerful function parser
  39. CSV Parser (C#)
  40. Spart, a parser generator framework 100% C#
  41. Easily Create Your Own Parser
  42. Simple(x) Numerical Formula Parser
  43. MathParser - Math Formula Parser
  44. Building a General Purpose Interpreter, Math Engine and Parser in C#
  45. Mathematical Expression Parser Using Coco/R
  46. EBNF Visualizer
  47. C# - Light and Fast CSV Parser
  48. A Generic enum Parser in C#
  49. Generating a High-Speed Parser, Part 1: re2c
  50. Irony - .NET Compiler Construction Kit
  51. LALR Parse Table Generation in C#
  52. Crafting an interpreter Part 1 - Parsing and Grammars

    this gives very good grammar notation system. good to read. the first reference is good from MIT course slide. good to browse.

  53. Crafting an interpreter Part 2 - The Calc0 Toy Language
  54. Crafting an interpreter Part 3 - Parse Trees and Syntax Trees
  55. Lua Interpreter
  56. Parsing Expression Grammar Support for C# 3.0 Part 1 - PEG Lib and Parser Generator
  57. Visual Calc v3.0 - A new dimension for the desktop calculator
  58. Equation Calculator with Graphing
  59. A multipurpose scientific calculator
  60. iberg's muParser modified to support pointer data types
  61. A Calculation Engine for .NET
  62. C# RPN Expression
  63. Creating Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language
  64. Implementing an Excel-like formula engine
  65. C#-like Expression Evaluator and Type Converter
  66. The Designing of a Logic Reasoning Methodology
  67. C# Eval Function
  68. One dimensional root finding algorithms

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