Saturday, February 13, 2016

HOWTO:: connect sql server 2012 express in C#

HOW to connect sql server 2012 express in C#

  1. Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0 Programming Smart Client Data Applications with .NET 2.0 by Brian Noyes

    classical data binding book. details descriptions on data binding.

  2. Supporting Non-Standard Development Configurations

    I need to download this PDf file to set up SQL server express 2005 database to read the book "Data Binding Windows Forms 2.0".

  3. Connecting to a SQL Server Express Database with C# .NET

    this is the best article to demo how C# connection SQL server Express::

  4. C# Connection to SQL Server 2012 Express is Fail

    it shares a good connection string I can use it in my application as a template string:

    using System.Data.SqlClient;

    public static string cnString=@"Database=MyDatabaseName;Server=MyServerName\SQLEXPRESS;Connect timeout=15;Integrated security=True;Net=dbmssocn;Application name=MyAppName;";
    public static SqlConnection srvConn= new SqlConnection(cnString); srvConn.Open();

  5. Connection Strings for SQL Server 2008

    good collections of all types of connection cases:

    Using SQL Server Express instance::


  6. Fixing Instance Failure when connecting to SQL Server 2005 Express

    another good tip to share on connection string to SQL server express.

  7. SQL Server Express 2012 & Visual Studio 2010

    this article also includes installation steps. easy to follow set-up. good reference.

  8. Linking DropDownList to GridView

  9. Connect to SQL Server 2012 Database with C# (Visual Studio 2012)
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  11. Walkthrough: Creating a SQL Server Express Database
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  14. Connecting to Data in Visual Studio
  15. Preparing Your Application to Receive Data
  16. Fetching Data into Your Application
  17. Displaying Data on Forms in Windows Applications

  18. implement my own data binding custom control

  19. Interfaces Related to Data Binding
  20. How to: Create a Simple-Bound Control on a Windows Form

  21. Microsoft overview on major components and fundamentals.

  22. How to: Navigate Data in Windows Forms
  23. Binding Class
  24. BindingSource Class
  25. BindingSource Component
  26. DataGridView Control (Windows Forms)
  27. Data Binding and Windows Forms === outdated
  28. Windows Forms Data Binding

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