Monday, February 8, 2016

.NET data binding details

here is the summary for data binding:

  • The Control.DataBindings collection holds Binding objects, each of which has a DataSource property of type Object.
  • The DataSource property of ListBox, DataGridView etc. is of type Object.
  • The BindingSource class also has a DataSource of type Object

  1. A Detailed Data Binding Tutorial
  2. Understanding Simple Data Binding
  3. Data binding concepts in .NET windows forms
  4. TableDataSource - Binding DataTable to Rich Data Controls
  5. ObjectDataSource In Depth
  6. Data binding a ListView
  7. Data Binding an Enum with Descriptions

  8. the following links are basics. many good examples to play around..

  9. Tackle Complex Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0
  10. Data Binding for Windows Forms

    good article with examples and summary. comparison is good too.

  11. Link a Windows Forms Control to an Object: Data Binding

    good comparison between simple binding and complex binding. worthy quick browsing.

  12. Windows Forms Data Binding
  13. Data Binding and Windows Forms
  14. 101 Ways to Manipulate the DataGridView Control
  15. Data Binding in .NET / C# Windows Forms
  16. Complex Data Binding a collection implementing IBindingList and ITypedList

  17. note: INotifyPropertyChyanged implementation. tips and tricks are showed here:

  18. C# .Net – DataBinding using BindingList
  19. C# .Net – Using INotifyPropertyChanged with databound classes
  20. Binding List to DataGridView C# WinForm
  21. Programming in C# Data Binding to Controls
  22. Bind Better with INotifyPropertyChanged
  23. .NET WinForms INotifyPropertyChanged updates all bindings when one is changed. Better way?
  24. How Binding watches control properties (i.e. how does DataSourceUpdateMode.OnPropertyChanged work) :: good comments to think over

  25. it seems like XMAL uses this interface.

  26. Data Binding With INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
  27. INotifyPropertyChanged Is Obsolete
  28. INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
  29. INotifyPropertyChanged, The .NET 4.5 Way - Revisited====> this contains 5 links. all good articles
  30. Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged - does a better way exist?

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