Saturday, November 7, 2015

read csv into a list

tricks to read csv files into a list..

    My favorite solution for small use of this trick.

  1. CSV to Table to CSV
  2. Parsing a .CSV file in C#.NET
  3. C# CSV file to array/list
  4. JoshClose/CsvHelper
  5. FileHelpers 3.1 - Quick Start
  6. A Fast CSV Reader
  7. Clear a TreeView. a quick way to clear treeview all nodes.
  8. List tutorial. very good and quick.
  9. Lists tutorials
  10. C# List and ArrayList Collections

  11. the following link has a good snippet with 10 score

  12. Parsing CSV files in C#
  13. ReadLine is a StreamReader method
  14. Reading csv file
  15. Populate a TreeView Control C#

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