Friday, November 6, 2015

my favorite layout on Windows Form

my favorite layout on Windows Form. First note is MainMenu.

  1. usually we can add a MenuStrip to our form. it is enough to dock the MenuStrip to the top of our window, above any other docked ToolStrip objects.
  2. however, the MenuStrip can be placed in a ToolStripContainer so that you can place a ToolStrip and a MenuStrip side by side, and you can drag a MenuStrip from one place to another (as you can in Microsoft Office).
  3. However, by default the MainMenu.GripStyle property is set to Hidden and the MenuStrip is fixed in place. The Stretch property is set to true so the menu expands to the full width of window,
  4. By default, when you add a MenuStrip to your form, Visual Studio sets the Form.MainMenuStrip property to point to your menu. By taking this step, this MenuStrip is assigned to be the main menu of the form, which means it responds to Alt key. However it is valid(although unusual) for a form to have more than one MenuStrip. in this case, although all menus are displayed, on the Form.MainMenuStrip can handle the Alt key.
  5. ToolStrip Customizer for .NET WinForms
  6. Windows 7 ToolStrip Renderer
  7. Office Ribbon Project (under active development)
  8. ToolStripContainer

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