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how to connect Windows 10 to my domain?

how to connect Windows 10 to my domain?

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  8. adding two entries in registry is not necessary. I removed them and flush DNS again.

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  13. I checked other machines in the network and find their ip address besides DCHP server address, DNS server IP address.
    GateWAy IP:
    DHCP server IP:
    DNS server IP:

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  16. So I manually set up the network property on Windows 10.
    For TCP/IP V4, I only set up DNS server and Alternate DNS server IP.
    For TCP/IP V6 version I leave it as default.
    When I set up DNS server IP, rightaway my Windows 10 machine finds my intranet. So everything look good.

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  18. You may receive an “Access denied” error message when you try to join a client computer to a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 domain by using the ConnectComputer Wizard
  19. get quotes from the following article:
    "I had the exact same issue and all I did to fix it was to use the full login when it prompts me for the domain rights i.e. domainname\username. It may be an issue with the domain not resolving properly so also check that the correct domain is entered and that the computer actually has access to your domain controller. Try domainname instead of"

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  21. first page: user name: PEAKER domain name:

    here is the second page: computer name: peak
    my computer domain name is:

    because I made some mistakes and I need to remove this client machine from this domain. then start joining process again.But the following article does not work.

    But Windows 10 itself give you prompt: use Peak\Local Computer Account to log in local computer. it works.

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  23. I re-do all steps and join the Peak into intra domain. When I log in I got the error message saying can not load user profile etc. Then I find this post.

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  30. under my users folder, user administrator folder is empty. So I copied files under Peaker to administrator folder. not sure it is right, just for document purpose here. this administrator user I believe it is created when it is joined to intranet domain.

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