Saturday, July 25, 2015

more understanding on registry hive HKCU.

when test software installation, an item is written into HKCU hive of windows registry.
here is good post to understand HKCU. please check it out:
Details on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Hive

a quick jumpstart from this link:
Windows Registry FAQ and HowTo Tutorial

This post has a detailed description on FAQs of registry
Frequently Asked Questions of Registry Workshop

another good article is on technet and worthy reading.

how to find out HKCU item for control panel is in this article.

A very good quick summary is posted here. you can pick up very quickly for overall picture.

a deep dive on application of these concepts, please read this good post on application compatibilty.

An item related with advanced installer is useful when I build installer. Keep good eyes on this paper.

good post keeps expanding. please check out this post.
Dealing with the registry

an example for inno installer is [Registry] section

Windows permission for registry entry is in this post:
Windows 7 Default HKCU Registry Permissions
free tools to check out

A good list of most popular registry tool: Adding Registry Settings

this is a good case study: Activation of Client Side Products and Registry Basics

another good case study:

  1. Windows Registry Persistence, Part 2: The Run Keys and Search-Order
  2. Windows Registry Persistence, Part 1: Introduction, Attack Phases and Windows Services

another case study:
How to Setup a Package Containing HKCU (Current User) Registry to Install for Each Profile User on a Windows XP or Later PC

A good discussion on installer for registry writing is here:
HKCU or HKLM - Where should a setup install registry data

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