Friday, July 24, 2015

how to image hard drive?

I got several old Dell precision workstation and want to set them for test machine. So I plan to install each avaiable Windows on them. when I set them up in the right status, I want to backup each of these hard drive. So I want to image each hard drive in case hard drive failure. so I can boot up using the hard drive with right image.

Many software tools are available, but you want to pay. I did research and find quick and easy solutions.

  1. for hitachi hard drive
  2. please download image software from hitachi website. the tool is called HGST Windows Drive Fitness Test (WinDFT). it also contains user guide too.

    for legacy sotware download, please download from here.

    good FAQ is here. it looks like Hitachi is a Western Digital cpompany now. you can run drive fitness test on your hard drive to find if it contains defects.

    I find out a good tool here. standard version meets my needs already.

    after you imaged your hard drive, do verification right away, either through software, or install onto Dell workstation, unplug exsiting hard drive and replace this hard drive with the image.

    I find it from this thread the answer is..

  3. for western digital hard drive
  4. for western digital hard drive, this software may still be useful: Acronis True Image Western Digital Edition Software

    It turns out that on western digital website, it has Acronis true image for western digital version. So it is free. please download it from Acronis True Image WD Edition Software.

  5. for seagate hard drive
  6. Seagate also offers its own tool DiscWizard. The FAQ has many good points you can learn lots of concepts from this page.

a good commercial product is handy backup software.

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