Friday, March 17, 2017

finite state machine design

we can use state machine to control drawing sequence of chart control. an action item in future plan.

  1. Generic Finite State Machine Revisited
  2. CMake is an open-source, cross-platform family of tools
  3. The State Machine Compiler
  4. Ragel State Machine Compiler
  5. An Object-oriented Approach to Finite State Automata
  6. Finite State Machine and Multithreading using .NET
  7. XML Finite State Machine in C#
  8. download
  9. A .NET State Machine Toolkit - Part I
  10. A .NET State Machine Toolkit - Part II
  11. A .NET State Machine Toolkit - Part III
  12. State Machine Design in C++
  13. A Simple State Machine
  14. The State Design Pattern vs. State Machine
  15. State Machine Design in C++
  16. Generic Finite State Machine (FSM)
  17. StateProto - Interacting State Machines
  18. State Machines, in C++
  19. An XML- and State Machine-based Design of a WinForms Control
  20. State Machine - state pattern vs. classic approach
  21. Controlling Multiple Forms with a Finite State Machine
  22. State Machine Complier And
  23. A Generic State Machine and Attempt to Generic Component
  24. StateProto - Saving and Restoring the State Machine
  25. A C# Turing Machine
  26. Another Generic State Machine
  27. Design Patterns 1 of 3 - Creational Design Patterns
  28. Design Patterns 2 of 3 - Structural Design Patterns
  29. Design Patterns 3 of 3 - Behavioral Design Patterns
  30. Generic DFA State Machine for .NET
  31. qf4net
  32. Finite State Machine with Sub-state
  33. Turn an Enum into a Simple State Machine
  34. StateProto Beta - State Chart Designer for Qf4Net
  35. A Deterministic Finite Automaton Class in C#
  36. akka : state machines
  37. Function Plotter, Playing with design patterns

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