Saturday, September 10, 2016

Converting C source to C++

convert c project to c++

  1. Refactoring: Convert C to C++

    this is the first paper to review.

  2. Case Study: Converting C Programs to C++
  3. Converting C source to C++
  4. Differences between C and C++
  5. Converting a C or C++ nature for a project
  6. how to convert c to c++ code
  7. C to C++ converter
  8. Compiling C in Visual Studio.NET

    Go to View Menu select Solution Explorer or CTRL+ ALT +L
    Then Select The project that your are developing and right click on that.
    Then select the Properties from the submenu.
    Then select the Configuration properties from the Tree structure. under that select C/C++ then select Advanced. Now in the right side pane change the property Compile As from Compile as C++ Code (/TP) to Compile as C Code (/TC)
    Finally change your file extensions to .c
    Now you configured you Visual Studio to compile C programs

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